Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Color!

Hello guys!

I apologize for being absent for so long, but tomorrow I will be writing a post about Sally Hansen Magnetic Color!! I received it from Influenster 's Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012! I should add that this is my first beauty box they have sent me and I'm excited to post pictures and a review tomorrow! A little info about Influenster is that when you sign up, you can unlock badges and if you meet their requirements, then you are selected to receive a VoxBox. Then in turn you review the products and spread the word about the items that you love! Easy right?

Until then, Stay Pol!shed!

Update..this post is going to have to wait until tomorrow...I spent so much time on my natural hair getting it curly that I will be doing the Sally Hansen tomorrow. Sorry!


Friday, February 24, 2012

No Need to Pout!

Unless it's Butter London's Trout Pout!

This is actually my second mani using Trout Pout, but I did not like how it turned out as I used Essie's Matte About You on top. Which looked awesome on the first day, but by the second started to show cracks. (On a side note, I'm thinking that if I use that next time, I may seal with SV and then use the matte coat to see if that works out better) Ok. Enough rambling, onto the color!
 Such a lovely pink! 

 Almost looks like I have a gradient going on.

But I don't!

This one was a 3 coater for me. I try to go on the lighter side of applying polish. Although, I noticed in some lighting I had bald spots where the polish is not quite opaque enough for my liking. I'm thinking that maybe I will try and put more polish on the brush with the second and third coat. I really think BL is started to be my favorite nail brand right now. I like that they're 3-Free, I like the array of colors they have and I think out of all my polishes has the quickest dry time. And of course with the SV it takes an even shorter time to dry. 

What do you think of Butter London's polishes? Do you have any favorites? Let me know!

Until then! Stay Po!ished!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jelly Sandwich pt. 2

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. But I've decided to do this again for Valentines Day. If you look at the post below you'll see the mistake with my last mani. So without further ado I give you my cotton candy mani! I'm sooo happy with the way this turned out and I was able to keep the pink in the base.
This is Called Fish out of Water from this shop on Etsy. Although, I noticed that she doesn't have this one on there any more. 

Love how this one came out...I need another jelly in my life!

I love the purple, blue and silver larger flecks. There are also some smaller ones in there adding to this cotton candy wonderfulness! 

Again for my base color I used OPI's Isn't That Precious? This is a much thinner polish than what I'm normally used to so a little goes a long way. I did two layers for the base, with Fish Out of Water and one more coat of the OPI followed by SV. I cannot tell you how happy am with how this turned out...especially compared to the first time. Not that it was awful, but not the color I was going for. 

Until then! Stay Po!ished!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Butter London's Blagger

I am really into Butter London. They make great polishes that dry really quickly. I decided to try a cloud mani, but with my own twist. I used four colors instead of three because I couldn't decide! I used OPI's San-Tantonio, Tazmanian Devil and Dutch You Love OPI? Love it and I want to get more! I'll upload more pictures soon.
Such a lovely blue color. 

My layered cloud nail! I'm so pleased with how this turned out. I looked at a tutorial on how to do this and it was much simpler than I had previously thought.

This one was another 3 coater for me. Went on like a dream! (This was done on a snowy day and certainly brighten my mood!) I had debated about doing the clouds on all my nails, but I like the accent, but maybe I'll give it a go the next time I decide to do this mani again. What do you think? Have you tried your own variation on the clouds?

Until then! Stay Po!ished! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink turns into Yellow...

I know, I know...from the title of the post you must be wondering what I mean. Well, I have to go into a little back story first. So, hang in there and it will all be explained.

Last week while perusing the interwebs, I came across several posts about a "Jelly Sandwich". For anyone who does not know what this means it's where you sandwich a glitter, flake or sparkly polish between two layers of a jelly polish (Goes on sheer, and what I discovered quite thin = more polish on my cuticles that my nails). And from what I saw, I knew I had to try this out. So, I decided I would look on ebay for a jelly polish and I came across a nice pink by OPI called Isn't That Precious? Easy to apply after realizing I needed far less than other polish by OPI that I am used to. ( I should have taken a picture of the pink...before the event *sigh*)

 (Looks like Cotton Candy to me)

 This...this is where things went wrong. I used Kleancolor Gold Caviar. I didn't realize it had a yellow polish for its base. I really thought that it was clear and I would get these lovely gold flecks in the polish topped off with some more pink. 

 OPI Teenage Dream, which thinking back on it I should have just used this. :-(

 And the result...ugh I dislike how bright it turned out. I really wanted to do something fun and flirty for Valentine's Day. (Also...that horrible gap between the pink and yellow and my pinky and the glob of yellow on my middle...not happy.)

 When I don't use the flash, it's a much softer looking yellow that I actually like and you can see some hint of the pink dream that this was supposed to be. 

In this one you can almost tell that it is supposed to be a jelly sandwich. I will be doing this one over. I'm expecting a wonderful polish from this shop on Etsy. The name of the pollish is called Fish Out Of Water and I'm SOO excited for it to arrive!! It has a clear base and I think will work out much much better than what happened with this mani. Actually, her other polishes look just as wonderful as well. 

So, what are your thoughts? Have you had your frustrations with trying a jelly sandwich? What colors have you tried?

Until next time! Stay Pol!shed! 

PS...I have a mini haul that I need to post and I'm  anxiously awaiting my order from Butter London! Which also reminds me...I  need to cross some more off of my wish list! :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Just got this from an eBay auction! I love this olive-golden color. I will do a post soon on it! 

Black as Knight

So here it is! Butter London's The Dark Knight. This polish has a black base with blue and pink glitter that you see in the bottle. It's not until the polish is applied does the magic happen!
 In this picture it looks like you can see the silver undertones. (Sorry for the nasty scratch! My friend's cat got me while I was throwing a toy. :(  ) 

 In this picture it looks like there's green and blue, maybe a little orange possibly silver!! (LOVE!!!!!)

 Even more glitter fun!! 

I decided that I would put Essie's Matte About You on top. (I've run out of SV!!-I'm waiting for OPI's Holland Collection to come out to buy some more at Ulta)  

I used 2 coats and what I found with this one is that some time is needed before applying the next coat as it drags some of the glitter towards the tips. But it was easy to apply. I think this would look good with taped with silver!

Until next time! Stay Pol!shed! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Has Arrived!!

So, my Butter London The Black Night has arrived! I will post pictures soon. I'm also hoping to acquire Wallis, Bossy Boots and Trout Pout soon! Finger crossed!

Until next time, Stay Po!ished. :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Water Color...Not Just for Paper

Do I have a fun one for you today! So, I was visiting one of my favorite lacquerista sites when one of the lovely women on that site posted their water color nails. She was also nice enough to put up the tutorial that she followed here. I really liked her version of it, but then I decided that instead of using a white background I decided to use gray. Specifically Essie's Chin Chilly.

This is the order in which I applied my colors (after the gray):
1.OPI's Ski Teal We Drop
2. Used Pure Acetone and nail brush (I used a sable oval brush..might try a different one next time) to blot the color around the nail. (this was done after each color application to each nail)
3. CG Spontaneous
4. OPI's Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
5. CG Lemon Fizz
6. CG White on White
7. Seche Vite

Now, I didn't let each color completely dry before I did the next layer, which resulted in a more blended look. You'll notice that in the tutorial you could make out each color and there is a white gap and the tip and base of the nail. Again, I wanted to do something a little different and make it my own. I also really like that this can be worn with almost any color.

 I will also say that it is very handy to have a paper towel around as you will need to clean off the brush depending on what kind of look you want. I would leave a little of the previous color on, which is why the orange looks more red. Next time I will let each color dry first and use pink or white as my base color.

 In Natural Light

 A little flash...you can really see the colors in the background

Right hand with flash  

Left hand with flash

So this was my personal twist to it. I love how each nail came out a little different. What would do differently to make it your own?

Until then, stay Pol!shed! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just like "Butter"

Butter London that is! (In Queen Vic)

I purchased this color sometime ago, but when I first put it on I wasn't thrilled with the color. 
What I realized is that I didn't put on enough coats to get the true color of this wonderful shade. 
(This is after 4 coats. I spread my polish on pretty thin.)

(With the flash you can see the blue-ish undertones)

I decided I would also use my dotting tool for a more modern look. I'm planning on wearing an outfit with this color scheme. 

Without the flash it looks much darker and more berry in color. (Also looks closer to the picture that they have on their website)
I can't wait to try more colors from Butter London. (Which you can see on my wish list there are quite a few!)

Until next time, stayed Po!ished. :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Wish List

I have seen SO many beautiful nail polishes lately and have decided to create a list of colors that I would like for 2012. (In no particular order)

A Roll in the Hague
Red lights Ahead...Where?
Kiss Me on My Tulips
Thanks a WindMillion
Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?
Wooden Shoe Like to Know?
I Have a Herring Problem
Save Me
Metallic 4 Life
Russian Navy (Suede)
Burlesque Collection
You Don't Know Jacques (Suede)
Warm & Fozzie
Parlez Vous OPI?

Hot Coral
Wild Lilac
Yellow Bombay

Smoke and Mirrors Collection
True Collection
Flame Collection

Butter London
The Black Knight (Just won this lovely polish on ebay!! So excited for it to arrive!)
Wallis (Just won this on ebay as well!!)
All Hail the Queen
Tart With a Heart (Fingers Crossed. Didn't win this one....will try again though)
Royal Navy
Trout Pout (Fingers Crossed-Should be here sometime next week!)
West End Wonderland
Big Smoke
Branwen's Feather
Knackered (Just saw someone post this and I love the color)

That's enough for now, but there are more that I want and will add later. 

Stay Po!ished!

Stamping, Decals on Polish Oh My!

So, on this one I used OPI's My Private Jet as my base (I love the orange-y hidden color in there). For my stamping I used Bundle Monster plate #06 with Essie's Chinchilly and CG White on White. The 3D decal is in the "C" pack from the Bundle Monster 3D decals.

A close up picture below
 I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole stamping thing so any tips tricks would be most helpful. Do you clean the plate after each use? What about the stamp? I think I will try this with an orange polish to make it pop.

Until next time! Stay Po!ished!


So, I have seen some wonderful nail designs and I have been wanting to try out this recent one I saw on Nail Polish Wars. But I decided that I wanted to change up the color scheme and to keep it simple. So here it is!! I used Essie's Limo-Scene, Wrapped in Rubies and Licorice)
I think I did okay with my first attempt. What I noticed though is that I need to have more space between the red and black to stand out more. I'm also thinking about using a gray next time I do this one as well. What are your thoughts? Have you tried to do this one or something similar?

Until next time! Stay Po!ished!

Presents from the Hubby!

So, I should have posted this sooner, but I have been pretty busy lately and have only now gotten around to posting these. My husband noticed my growing use obsession with doing my nail polish so he thoughtfully gave me some very nice items for Christmas!

A nail polish rack! (Sorry for the empty spaces) I took some out to do my last two manicures that I will post after) If that wasn't enough, he also got me:
MASH Premium Nail Art Mani Glitter Confetti Shapes. I've already used the gray stars 2nd from the right in one of my recent manis. I'm excited to make my own polishes with those beauties! And the gifts just keep on coming!

Bundle Monster Nail Art Brushes! I've only used two of them so far to help clean up the area around my cuticles. I'm excited to try out the rest! Last but not least:

Bundle Monster 100pc 3D Designs Nail Art (Oops! I forgot one more thing, but I forgot to take a picture of it so here's the link. That handy item helps me to pick up and place the last few items)
So yeah, I would say my husband did a great job! We've also determined that I need another polish rack as I'm gearing up for the OPI Holland Collection due to come out in February. As well as some Zoya's that I have been dying to try! Did you get any fun nail items for Christmas? Let me know. :-)

I will certainly be Po!ished. Will you??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New years Mani!

Just another quick post of before I change my polish. This is what I did for new years! One of my best friends got me this for Christmas. Purple is my favorite color, and I decided to spice mine up a little bit by using to shine of the times as well. I have a before and after picture. I also decided to use Matte about you for a change of pace.

I like both of them equally, but I wanted a bit more umph for New Years. Next time I will leave it as is because it's such a fun color and I love supporting home businesses!

Happy New Year and stay Po!ished!

Winter Manis!!

It has been a while since I have posted anything nail related. So, I'm excited to share these baby blues! Ugh! I just love that holo color! (Essie's "Shine of the Times" on top) As you can see I've been pretty busy with my nails, but I haven't posted anything in a long time! So, here's what I've been up to. (I'll post the polishes I used later as I am about to start another one!)

(CG First Mate and Secret Peri-Wink-Le)

(CG Velvet Bow and White on White for stamping)

(OPI's Black Cherry Chutney and San-Tan Tonio)

(SH Celeb City and Nicole by OPI Make A Comet-Ment)
This one got a little crazy! I just wanted to try something out and not sure if I like how it came out. I used CG Velvet Bow on the ring finger and Innocence (topped with Essie's Shine of the Times, but on the pinkie I used   Kleancolor's Diamond Gold) Stamped with CG White on White.

Keep warm and stay Po!ished!