Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink turns into Yellow...

I know, I know...from the title of the post you must be wondering what I mean. Well, I have to go into a little back story first. So, hang in there and it will all be explained.

Last week while perusing the interwebs, I came across several posts about a "Jelly Sandwich". For anyone who does not know what this means it's where you sandwich a glitter, flake or sparkly polish between two layers of a jelly polish (Goes on sheer, and what I discovered quite thin = more polish on my cuticles that my nails). And from what I saw, I knew I had to try this out. So, I decided I would look on ebay for a jelly polish and I came across a nice pink by OPI called Isn't That Precious? Easy to apply after realizing I needed far less than other polish by OPI that I am used to. ( I should have taken a picture of the pink...before the event *sigh*)

 (Looks like Cotton Candy to me)

 This...this is where things went wrong. I used Kleancolor Gold Caviar. I didn't realize it had a yellow polish for its base. I really thought that it was clear and I would get these lovely gold flecks in the polish topped off with some more pink. 

 OPI Teenage Dream, which thinking back on it I should have just used this. :-(

 And the result...ugh I dislike how bright it turned out. I really wanted to do something fun and flirty for Valentine's Day. (Also...that horrible gap between the pink and yellow and my pinky and the glob of yellow on my middle...not happy.)

 When I don't use the flash, it's a much softer looking yellow that I actually like and you can see some hint of the pink dream that this was supposed to be. 

In this one you can almost tell that it is supposed to be a jelly sandwich. I will be doing this one over. I'm expecting a wonderful polish from this shop on Etsy. The name of the pollish is called Fish Out Of Water and I'm SOO excited for it to arrive!! It has a clear base and I think will work out much much better than what happened with this mani. Actually, her other polishes look just as wonderful as well. 

So, what are your thoughts? Have you had your frustrations with trying a jelly sandwich? What colors have you tried?

Until next time! Stay Pol!shed! 

PS...I have a mini haul that I need to post and I'm  anxiously awaiting my order from Butter London! Which also reminds me...I  need to cross some more off of my wish list! :-)

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