Saturday, January 28, 2012

Black as Knight

So here it is! Butter London's The Dark Knight. This polish has a black base with blue and pink glitter that you see in the bottle. It's not until the polish is applied does the magic happen!
 In this picture it looks like you can see the silver undertones. (Sorry for the nasty scratch! My friend's cat got me while I was throwing a toy. :(  ) 

 In this picture it looks like there's green and blue, maybe a little orange possibly silver!! (LOVE!!!!!)

 Even more glitter fun!! 

I decided that I would put Essie's Matte About You on top. (I've run out of SV!!-I'm waiting for OPI's Holland Collection to come out to buy some more at Ulta)  

I used 2 coats and what I found with this one is that some time is needed before applying the next coat as it drags some of the glitter towards the tips. But it was easy to apply. I think this would look good with taped with silver!

Until next time! Stay Pol!shed! 

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