Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Presents from the Hubby!

So, I should have posted this sooner, but I have been pretty busy lately and have only now gotten around to posting these. My husband noticed my growing use obsession with doing my nail polish so he thoughtfully gave me some very nice items for Christmas!

A nail polish rack! (Sorry for the empty spaces) I took some out to do my last two manicures that I will post after) If that wasn't enough, he also got me:
MASH Premium Nail Art Mani Glitter Confetti Shapes. I've already used the gray stars 2nd from the right in one of my recent manis. I'm excited to make my own polishes with those beauties! And the gifts just keep on coming!

Bundle Monster Nail Art Brushes! I've only used two of them so far to help clean up the area around my cuticles. I'm excited to try out the rest! Last but not least:

Bundle Monster 100pc 3D Designs Nail Art (Oops! I forgot one more thing, but I forgot to take a picture of it so here's the link. That handy item helps me to pick up and place the last few items)
So yeah, I would say my husband did a great job! We've also determined that I need another polish rack as I'm gearing up for the OPI Holland Collection due to come out in February. As well as some Zoya's that I have been dying to try! Did you get any fun nail items for Christmas? Let me know. :-)

I will certainly be Po!ished. Will you??

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