Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just like "Butter"

Butter London that is! (In Queen Vic)

I purchased this color sometime ago, but when I first put it on I wasn't thrilled with the color. 
What I realized is that I didn't put on enough coats to get the true color of this wonderful shade. 
(This is after 4 coats. I spread my polish on pretty thin.)

(With the flash you can see the blue-ish undertones)

I decided I would also use my dotting tool for a more modern look. I'm planning on wearing an outfit with this color scheme. 

Without the flash it looks much darker and more berry in color. (Also looks closer to the picture that they have on their website)
I can't wait to try more colors from Butter London. (Which you can see on my wish list there are quite a few!)

Until next time, stayed Po!ished. :-)


  1. Beautiful color! I'm getting my first set of Butter London polishes next week from an order online. Very excited!

  2. Thank you! I love their nail polishes and they dry rather quickly. Which is always nice. What colors did you order?