Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been busy! I recently got married and went on my honeymoon to Jamaica. As far as the nail situation goes, I got a gelish manicure so I wouldn't have to worry about chipping while away. So, now that I'm back I decided to treat myself to some new polish!!! I ordered from beautyjoint.com and got KLEANCOLOR polishes! I can't wait for the wonderful colors to come in so I can share...and of course paint my nails! But first I need to remove the gelish!

Update! I never posted the polishes that came in, so here they are!! (WARNING: This is going to be picture heavy!)

 First off we have: Golden Nightmare (Black base with gold glitter)

 Chunky Holo Black w/flash (I don't like the look of this with the flash on, but on nails it looks wonderful!)

 Chunky Holo Black w/o flash (Black base with different holo flecks)

 Gold Caviar (I'm trying to find something to try this with or maybe on its own...)

 Firework (Multi-colored glitter would be fun on a black nail polish)

 Chunky Copper (Not 100% in love with this, but again I want to try it out on with a black nail)

 Chunky Holo Scarlet (Might be willing to swap with someone if that want this. Tried is with a black base, but I didn't love it. Easy to apply, but not loving the color)

 Chunky Holo Fuchsia (Haven't tried this one yet, but it should be another fun one)

 Jewelry Red (Not much into reds and might be willing to swap with someone for this color)

 Espresso (I haven't tried it yet, but I really like the chocolate color. I don't have anything like this in my,ever growing, collection)

 City Never Sleeps w/flash (Hate the color with the flash on)

 City Never Sleeps w/o flash (But looks a little bit better with the flash off)

 Disco Ball (Meh with the flash

 Diamond Gold 
(I've used this on my pinky in one of my winter manis and I really like it. I think I want to use this on a tan and maybe as a gradient.)

 Mocha (It's a little lighter with the flash on. I'm not impressed by the color and I have something similar to this already. So this might be another one I'm willing to swap)

Last but not least Metallic Purple (I don't have any metallic colors so this should be neat to try)

Until next time! Stay Po!ished! :-)

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